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  • Home console developed by Nintendo and released in the UK and Ireland in 1987
  • Known as the Family Computer in Japan and sold over 60 million units worldwide
  • Launched key franchises such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda
  • Spawned a wide range of accessories, including the NES Advantage and Zapper
  • One of the first home consoles to license third-party video game development

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NES console.

The original system

What started life as the Famicom (Family Computer) in Japan went on to become the machine that saved the video game industry. After a major games slump in the west, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) defied pundits and sold in millions. Gamers scrambled to see and play classics like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Excitebike, all of which were leaps and bounds ahead of other home systems' games.

Game library

The system that took the world by storm boasts a game library that proves the Nintendo difference can still shine through after over 20 years. Gaze up at the Nintendo Entertainment System's towering pile of over 500 titles, and you'll spot classics like the original The Legend of Zelda and the divine Super Mario Bros. series – the Shigeru Miyamoto-developed side-scrolling platformer that arguably started it all.

The controller

A horizontal slab of plastic that rests in your palms; a cross-shaped directional control pad; two small round buttons for your thumb; twin 'Start' and 'Select' buttons – the basics of the NES controller became an industry standard that still resonates today.

Family Fun Fitness Mat

Get up off the sofa – "Family Fun Fitness" is the aim of the add-on Nintendo Fitness Mat. Double-sided for double the functions, this pressure-sensitive plastic mat has gamers stepping on bombs and building burgers in games like Short Order and Eggsplode.



Many an '80s gamer has fond memories of downing ducks using the Zapper in the classic Duck Hunt Game Pak. By recognising the brightness and contrast of game characters compared to backgrounds, the Zapper gives gamers a unique edge in heaps of compatible Game Paks.

NES Advantage.

NES Advantage

A giant-sized joystick, four large buttons, and turbo and slow-motion functions make this the ideal accessory for the gamer who's serious about their Nintendo Entertainment System gaming.

NES Four Score.

NES Four Score

Using the NES Four Score, up to four gamers can crowd around a single Nintendo Entertainment System and indulge in multiplayer mayhem with compatible Game Paks like Gauntlet II and Super Spike V-Ball.

NES Max.


Designed specifically to send sports game fans to the top of their league, the NES Max replaces the Nintendo Entertainment System's traditional directional pad with a unique 'Control Disc'. The benefit – faster, smoother diagonal movement.

Super Mario Bros.
The Legend of Zelda.
Super Mario Bros. 3.
Mega Man 2.

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